Blog #2

For this week, we focused on hitting our customer segment more accurately. Before we began our interviews, we hypothesized that our customer segments would be divided into two. One for the African American and the other for White American.

Our African American customers

  • 16 to 70 years old
  • Middle-income
  • Eco-friendly
  • College educated

Our White American customers

  • 16-70 years old
  • Middle-income
  • Eco-friendly
  • College educated

Based on last week, Biiancaa found that if we moved away from college students, we might be able to find customers who are willing to pay more. With that, this week, Biiancaa found working adults and to her delight, her hypothesis deems true. They were willing to pay $15 to $25 for an 8oz. bottle of an all-natural organic shampoo or conditioner. Based on the cost price for a small production, it becomes more feasible for us. Other than moving to older adults, Biiancaa also found that customers were more willing to spend money on our products because of their sensitive scalp issues. This includes customers who have dandruff and dry scalp but have not found a shampoo or conditioner that solves their problem. Based on these findings, our customization feature would include the benefits for each individual ingredients the customer has the option to include in their bottle.

We also found that women from a middle income families would purchase our products for their family. From this information, we could offer our customers to start a subscription with us. As a result, this would make it less convenient for them to try another brand. Sales would also be more stable and consistent. In addition to constant sales, with prolong usage, customers would feel the difference in their hair and scalp health. From there, our customers would become loyal and advocate for our shampoo and conditioner. They would recommend us to their friends and family. They would even purchase gift cards as a way to let their loved ones try the greatness in our products. From there, we could start a recommendation sales tactic.

Also, after some interviews, Annsarah found that it would encourage customers to try different products if we provided sample size bottles with their first purchase or when we have a new product in our line. Customers could also give these sample to their friends and family. Thus, encouraging them to buy from us as their confidence have been built thanks to the recommendation of friends and family, and the results they received from our sample.

In conclusion, we found that with an older target market with a family, 25-70 years old women in a middle-income family, they are more willing to pay a higher price. We also learned that people with sensitive scalp or unsolved hair issues, they are more willing to try an all-natural organic brand. Due to the lifestyle of our new target market, they are more loyal and are stronger advocates who will promote our product to their friends and family as long as we have proven to be worth it. We also learned that our customers would be more willing to try other products or customization if they are able to receive cheap or free sample size shampoo or conditioner.

Here is the link to our Business Model Canvas



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