Blog #4

So far, our marketing plan was mainly focused on the Internet and some sales at hair salons. Our marketing plan for the Internet would be showing our presence in all social media. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, and SnapChat. We have also found that many people like the idea of the availability on Amazon, specifically Amazon Prime and their Startup section. Another virtual location recommended would be Groupon and similar discounted websites. With that in mind we will create discounts, and hopefully link our product offerings to Amazon, and PayPal.

According to Business Model Generation, a project sponsorship and communication campaign are two very important aspects when implementing a business model. With that in mind, we are going to invite various blogs dedicated to African-American empowerment (news, beauty tips, advice, etc) to try Bel-Cantik’s products and write a review. This will help engage people in the logic and rationale of our business model, as attaching a narrative to a product is important. We will also offer our product to popular YouTube and Instagram stars to try out. For example, Instagram user @blackhairstyles has 33.5k followers and often reviews products, and the website often engages readers with deep conditioner recommendations.

On our website, we decided to not offer free samples but instead offer sample sized products with purchase, either at a minimal price or for free. Another marketing plan would be to offer seasonal scents, as it is rather limited to the season, and this would created exclusivity and excitement. Similar to how Starbucks only sell Pumpkin Spice coffee in Fall and Eggnog Latter as Christmas rolls around, customers purchase them because they do not get it all year round. Also, in the spirit of Christmas, we are also producing Gift Cards for customers to purchase for their loved ones. This idea was well-received and not much comments were made about this.

Considering the “Business Model Perspective on Blue Ocean Strategy (p. 226), we thought about what factors we need to eliminate, reduce, raise, and create in our marketing scheme. In talking to our customers this week, we discovered their frustration at the trial and errors they have to go through to get their hair care routine right. We know Bel-Cantik needs to raise the bar of providing customers with information on what they’re buying as they’re buying it. No searching around the web to discover if certain ingredients are bad: we will include a list and exactly what each one does for hair. We want to eliminate the need to either make your own shampoo or buy synthetic chemical shampoos from the store that might work alright, but not as well as a DIY shampoo would (and does, based on our research). We are eliminating the need to invest in ingredients and make these nourishing DIY shampoos at home, or order them from sellers on Etsy without knowing exactly the effect they’ll have on hair.

Other than the virtual world, we will also be selling our products by the masses to hair salon. This would allow customers to try our product during their appointment and be able to purchase it as they leave the salon. We were reminded that distribution may be a problem for us, especially at the early stages. With that, we decided that we could start off with big cities. This would allow a more cost efficient distribution plan as we would reach out to larger coverage per capita within a city like Seattle or Los Angeles, than traveling intercity in Montana.

Another marketing idea we received was to somehow do a viral video. This spark an idea of collaborating with extreme outdoor sports YouTuber, Devin Graham(@devinsupertramp). With his influence and subscribers, our product would easily reach out to 500,000 to 1 million viewers.  This also gave us the idea to sponsor an outdoor event. These are all in-line with our value proposition because outdoor fanatics love the outdoors and would also be interested in protecting Mother Nature. We could also do joint-project with companies such as GoPro or REI.



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